The gains can accumulate quickly when a prop trader is using a strategy based on maximum leverage with limited account size. In order to preserve and build those gains, it’s important to remove them from the trading account according to a good plan.

The high-leverage, low-balance strategies used by leading prop traders can be applied to multiple trading accounts using different systems, with each account capitalized by not more than a couple thousand dollars.

The amount in the account typically ranges between $1,000 to several thousand dollars. That way, there’s no psychological obstacle to using the max leverage on each trade.

Reduce the risks from drawdowns

When you have a winning system, profits pile up. It’s tempting to “let it ride” by using the same system to trade ever-bigger position sizes in the growing account.

However, when the entire capital is available in the trading account, it means that the capital is exposed to the inevitable system “blow up,” which typically causes a steep drawdown. Even if the trader escapes financial catastrophe, he or she may become so risk-averse afterward as to become indecisive and ineffective.

Pull money out each month

The smart way to avoid excessive drawdowns due to trading system “blow ups” is to pull money out of the account at the end of each successful month. That way, when a major drawdown occurs, it won’t take all your money, just the couple thousand dollars that you can afford to lose.

Successful prop traders sweep the profits out of each winning trading account monthly and move them into a non-trading account, where they remain safe. So, each month the trading accounts open with their individual capitalization set at a given amount.

Pull out at least enough to cover one “blow up”

Once you’ve launched your forex system, you’ll want to think about earmarking enough money to cover at least one trading system failure. After you’ve secured that amount to be used for a recapitalization of your trading account, every subsequent gain is “free money,” at least in a psychological sense.

The first milestone is to pull enough money out of the trading account to cover at least one catastrophe. If you’ve been enjoying mostly winning months, next you should allocate 50% of your profits for high-risk systems.

You can’t lose what’s not at risk

Keep in mind: When a prop trader is using maximum leverage, the only money that’s safe is the money already pulled out of the trading account. Profits should be pulled from each winning trading account, each month.

When a prop trader wins consistently using high leverage with a limited-size account, the gains from relatively small individual trades may compound quickly. Profits gathered from the overflowing small trading accounts can compound into large sums, and it’s important to manage those profits effectively.


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