Welcome to Autochartist

Autochartist was established in 2004 and is currently servicing 45 of the largest and most successful on-line brokers and institutions. With a community of more than 50 000 traders in over 80 countries worldwide receiving well over 400 000 potential trade opportunities each month Autochartist has proven itself as the leading chart pattern recognition platform for Brokers, Market Makers and Educational Institutions.

Initially Autochartist was applied to US Equities on an intraday basis. This offered traders a new perspective on using chart patterns in their trading. Autochartist saved traders time by automatically sending alerts of formations, which in turn led to traders being able to spend time deciding which patterns offered the best potential opportunities in the market.

The next few years saw Autochartist growing quickly as a valuable trading tool for all traders and has still not been matched in terms of speed, accuracy, and information quality. Through a process of continuous improvement, our product has been enhanced and iteratively refined.

The ability to identify Fibonacci patterns was added to our recognition engines in 2008, and incorporated in the Autochartist platform. This offered traders a broader analysis of key market levels, and together with the launch of Key Levels in 2011 this suite of tools has redefined the way many people trade.

The daily Autochartist Market Report feature was launched recently and is popular with many casual traders, providing a simple, concise technical outlook for the markets; whilst in October 2012 the firm was voted best Forex TA Provider in the annual Money AM Awards in London.

In March 2013 Autochartist launched its revolutionary ‘Our Favourites’ trade alert service that attempts to simplify the trading process for beginner traders. A graphical illustration, plus details of the system’s historical success* of forecasting against the specific pattern, on that asset and at that time of day are also given. (*Past performance may not be indicative of future performance).

With data going back to 2010, Autochartist provides clients with a fully transparent service and aims to be in the forefront of a maturing market by being the independent analytical platform of choice. Committed to service excellence, tailoring solutions, and never slowing down with developing innovative new products that deliver high-quality, actionable potential trade opportunities, Autochartist is the market leader in automated technical analysis.