The trading setup was spotted in the NZDUSD market. The NZDUSD price has pierced the resistance line of a Pennant pattern as of 12AM, февраль 12, 2024. We anticipate a potential bullish price movement over the next 6 дней, aiming for 0.6243.

The pattern’s visual clarity is exceptional. It has a strong uniformity rating, suggesting cyclical price movements throughout the pattern’s development. The price’s initial trend before this trading setup was established is notably robust. The trading setup is distinct, with minimal disturbance during the price oscillations between support and resistance levels. The breakthrough of resistance was remarkably forceful, providing a powerful insight into the prevailing market sentiment.

Однако, it’s crucial to note that the NZDUSD price may experience significant volatility during economic events within the forecast period. конкретно, the following events have previously caused substantial volatility in the NZDUSD market:
– февраль 13 в 13:30 (универсальное глобальное время): United States Inflation Rate MoM, United States Core Inflation Rate MoM, United States Core Inflation Rate YoY, United States Inflation Rate YoY.

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