The trade arrangement was spotted on USDJPY. The USDJPY price has breached the support line of a Rising Wedge pattern on March 1, 2024, в полночь. It is projected that there may be a bearish price movement over the next 15 дней по отношению к 146.63.

The pattern’s overall visual quality is remarkably high. Рейтинг однородности высокий, suggesting that the price changes are fairly consistent throughout the pattern’s formation. The price’s initial trend before this trade arrangement was formed is extremely strong. The trade arrangement is distinctly visible, with minimal noise during the oscillations between support and resistance. The breakthrough of the support was extraordinarily strong. This is a powerful indication of the current market psychology.

It’s important to note that the USDJPY price will be highly volatile during economic events that occur within the forecast period. конкретно, the following events have previously caused significant volatility in USDJPY:
– Март 1 в 15:00 (универсальное глобальное время): United States ISM Manufacturing PMI
– Март 6 в 15:00 (универсальное глобальное время): United States JOLTs Job Openings, Canada Ivey PMI s.a.

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