A trading opportunity was spotted on the NZDUSD pair. The NZDUSD price breached the resistance line of a descending channel pattern on 5th April 2024 в полночь. An anticipated bullish trend might push the price towards 0.6106 В следующий 27 дней.

The pattern’s visual quality is impressive. The initial price trend before this pattern formation was robust. The trade setup is well-defined, with minimal noise during the price oscillations between support and resistance levels. The resistance breakout, тем не мение, was not strong. It might be wise to wait for additional validation of this breakout before initiating a trade.

Please note that NZDUSD’s price can be highly volatile during specific economic events within the forecast period. Particularly, the following events have historically caused significant fluctuations in NZDUSD’s volatility:
On 5th April at 12:30 (универсальное глобальное время): Canada’s Unemployment Rate, US Non-Farm Payrolls, and US Unemployment Rate
On 10th April at 12:30 (универсальное глобальное время): US Year-on-Year and Month-on-Month Inflation Rate, and US Core Inflation Rate Year-on-Year and Month-on-Month
On 11th April at 12:15 (универсальное глобальное время): Euro Area’s ECB Interest Rate Decision and Deposit Facility Rate.

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