Some FX brokers choosing not to alter leverage and margins during Brexit- how does this affect traders?



ACFX failing to pay withdrawalsACFX failing to pay withdrawals after license suspension, entire management leaves: FinanceFeeds investigates

Full investigation into ACFX – We interview staff, former employees, and clients with balances ranging from $1,500 to over $80,000 as withdrawals remain outstanding and management leave the firm.

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Brexit margins leverageНекоторые FX брокеры предпочитают не менять рычаги и поля во время Brexit- как это влияет на трейдеров?

Many brokerages are reducing leverage and increasing margin rates as the EU referendum approaches. What about the execution model of those which make no changes?

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GBP makes biggest leap in 8 летGBP makes biggest leap in 8 years as the market reacts to Brexit / Bremain

As the UK referendum draws near, British confidence is on the pound, property investment and stable banking institutions as the most valued currency in the world rallies to highest point since pre-financial crisis.

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Brexit BremainAre you prepared for Brexit or Bremain? We have your covered.

As the EU referendum approaches, all speculation is on the currency market. The Brexit hype has already caused reaction in the markets. This will continue leading up to vote day.

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