Every successful forex prop trader or other small business owner sets a course with milestones leading to specific objectives. А также, when limited account sizes are traded using maximum leverage, the chosen goals must be realistic and well-planned. Most importantly, it’s better to work on eliminating trading mistakes rather than to focus on meeting performance targets alone.

Personal responsibility

As a trader, it’s important to “own” the results of each trade, whether good or bad. Like children, new traders grow and mature by taking personal responsibility for their trades and learning from them, no matter the outcome of any single trade. It’s a journey to build a trading success story.

A trader should rejoice at each winning trade, and plan for further successes by carefully reviewing why that trade was profitable. By doing so, winning becomes a well-planned routine.

также, with each painful loss a trader should learn something, and find a way to do things differently during the next trade. Successful prop traders know each lesson learned is valuable, regardless of whether that trade was a winner or loser.


Passion and planning

For a prop trader, the thrill of trading is just as important as the financial gains