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ADS Securities Managing Director Iskandar Najjar on the relationship between regulations, compliance and prime brokerage

Nowadays, regulation is not just the ‘paper bureaucracy’ that it used to be, and regulatory matters require full technical understanding of the trading system right the way from the user interface (trading platform) to the way that the PoPs connect to the banks and how trades are executed, and orders filled Read More

London becoming an epicenter for new Prime of Prime innovation – Exclusive live report

2016 began with an awakening of what had until this year been something of a sleeping giant.

For the last few years, many retail FX brokerages have remained unconcerned with the complexities of the technological and business relationships that are instrumental to the delivery of high quality market liquidity at all times, largely because until recently, the top end of the chain, the banks, had extended credit to prime of prime brokerages without adieu. Read More

CySec Chairman Demetra Kalogerou addresses the global FX industry at iFXEXPO

Here is the full report


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